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Application Form

How did you hear about the Shelter Partnership Young Professionals Associate Board?

Expertise and Interests

Current Job Title and Industry Sector

Please describe any skills and knowledge you have that can support Shelter Partnership and its Associate Board:

Tell us about your past or current involvement with nonprofits. Identify the nonprofits and how you assisted (e.g., volunteering, making donations).
Be sure you include club and volunteer activities you may have done while attending college:

Why are you interested in serving on the Shelter Partnership Young Professionals Associate Board?

Describe your interest in homelessness or affordable housing?

Please rank the following in order of importance with regard to why you’d like to serve on the Associate Board (1 being most important):

Developing fundraising knowledge
Meeting new people and socializing
Obtaining mentorship and guidance
Advocating to end homelessness and increase housing opportunities
Developing project management skills
Learning about and impacting affordable housing policy
Planning fundraising and networking events
Building your resume and making professional contacts
Other interests. Please specify:

Each member is expected to attend 3 of 4 quarterly meetings per year as well as be engaged in event planning meetings as scheduled by the Associate Board. Each member is expected to participate in one volunteer event coordinated by the Associate Board. Are you able to commit to this?
For more details on time commitment, please email Tracy Wallace at

Each member is expected to complete the GIVE or GET Challenge where they give or get others to give $250 during their first year and $500 during their second year (including a $75 membership fee for operating expenses). Would you be able to do this? Please list any concerns.

Any additional comments?

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