Young Professionals Associate Board

The Shelter Partnership Young Professionals Associate Board offers a meaningful way for people to get involved in the cause of homelessness in Los Angeles while expanding professional skill sets, network building and having fun with other community-minded professionals. 
The Associate Board advocates and promotes Shelter Partnership via fundraising, volunteer opportunities and bringing in new friends to support the organization’s mission of solving homeless in Los Angeles County. The Shelter Partnership Young Professionals Associate Board is an ideal way for those interested in philanthropy to learn what serving on a Board of Directors involves. 
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Photo of Timothy Dodd

Timothy Dodd

Photo of

Frank Duan

Photo of

Imelda Hernandez

Photo of Sarah Holzmann

Sarah Holzmann

Photo of Geoffrey Kehlmann

Geoffrey Kehlmann

Photo of Raymond Morrill

Raymond Morrill

Photo of Dara Papel

Dara Papel

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Devon B. Provo

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Anna Sala

Photo of Melissa Smyt

Melissa Smyt

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Joe Suh

Photo of Alexander Topacio

Alexander Topacio

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Ryan Weisert

Emeritus Associate Board Members


Photo of Kevin Anderson

Kevin Anderson

Photo of Adam Bierman

Adam Bierman

Photo of Travis Chapa

Travis Chapa

Photo of Lauren Greene

Lauren Greene

Photo of Shashwat Mishra

Shashwat "Shash" Mishra

Photo of Charuni Patibanda

Charuni Patibanda

Photo of Nicole Schatz

Nicole Schatz

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