Frequently Asked Questions

Does Shelter Partnership Provide Housing and Other Direct Services?

No. Shelter Partnership does not provide housing, shelter or direct service. If you are in need of housing or shelter, please call 211. 

What type of work does Shelter Partnership Do?

Shelter Partnership works to prevent and solve homelessness by:

Operating the S. Mark Taper Foundation Shelter Resource Bank by soliciting large-scale donations of merchandise and ensuring that these items are delivered to the people and agencies who need them most;

Providing technical assistance to community-based organizations and public agencies (helping agencies receive more than $1 billion in federal funds);

Conducting research and publishing analytical studies to inform public policy;

Promoting community education.

How can I help?

There are hundreds of homeless service providers in Los Angeles in need of financial assistance and volunteers. Shelter Partnership has a robust volunteer program and utilizes over 500 volunteers each year. Get involved today!

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