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Our Update on Local Homeless Initiatives

The last two years have been historic in our community’s commitment to addressing our homeless crisis. In November 2016, Los Angeles voters passed Proposition HHH, a $1.2 billion bond issue with the goal of building 10,000 permanent supportive housing units in the city. Los Angeles County voters passed Measure H in March 2017 to fund outreach, interim housing (shelter), rental assistance, and other social services. Shelter Partnership has been active in supporting and facilitating these efforts and many others in the fight against homelessness. 

At the end of 2018, Proposition HHH has allocated funding for 33 housing developments. These developments include 1,643 apartments for the homeless, including persons with severe behavioral health issues, domestic violence survivors, seniors, veterans, and transition-age youth (ages 18-24). Several developments are currently under construction. The City is also aggressively exploring ways to expedite development.

Measure H has been a major success. Nearly 10,000 individuals have been placed in housing. Significant funding has also been allocated to help individuals who are discharged from hospitals, substance abuse programs, mental health facilities, jails, and other programs who would otherwise become homeless. Nearly 3,500 individuals discharged from institutions have been provided interim housing.

Additionally, Mayor Eric Garcetti has set-aside $20 million in the City’s 2018-19 Budget for the development of “bridge housing” in all 15 Council Districts. The intention of bridge housing is to provide interim housing for individuals living in encampments surrounding the new shelter, with the goal of reducing street homelessness by securing permanent housing for these individuals. As of this writing, 19 potential bridge housing sites in 13 of the 15 Council Districts are under review.  

This momentum in the fight against homelessness is still gaining steam.  California voters just resoundingly approved Proposition 2, which will provide up to $2 billion in statewide funding to develop housing for persons who have a mental illness and are homeless or at risk.  Los Angeles County is expected to receive $700 million of that funding to create, or preserve, at least 2,500 permanent supportive housing units.

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