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BlackLine, Inc. Donates Seven Truckloads of Clothes for L.A. Homeless

BlackLine, Inc. CEO Therese Tucker and the company’s employees are leading a drive to provide each homeless person in Los Angeles with new clothing this holiday season. With estimates suggesting there are at least 50,000 people currently without homes in LA County, Ms. Tucker’s initiative is among the most ambitious hands-on examples of a local tech company working to build a more civic-minded and philanthropic LA tech community.

Tucker and BlackLine are working closely with Shelter Partnership to oversee the distribution of more than 180,000 essential items to hundreds of non-profit agencies that serve veterans, domestic violence victims, families living in poverty and disabled individuals throughout the region.

"The donation of seven semi-trucks full of sweat pants, sweat shirts, undergarments and socks by Therese will serve tens of thousands of individuals in need," states Ruth Schwartz, Executive Director, Shelter Partnership. "We are so appreciative of this very generous contribution of critical items for homeless individuals in LA.”

“When companies like BlackLine join the fight to bring hope to homeless Angelenos, we move another step closer to getting people off the streets for good,” said Los Angeles Mayor Eric Garcetti. “The homelessness crisis is a heartbreaking human tragedy, but partnerships like this one show how we can work together to end it.”

BlackLine employees distribute their donated goods at one of the many agencies served by Shelter Partnership - Union Rescue Mission.


“Every person should have something warm and clean to wear as winter approaches. We know that reaching 50,000 people will be a huge challenge, and we hope that efficient distribution will help us achieve our goal,” said Tucker. “We realize homelessness is a complex issue that can’t be solved overnight, nor can we alleviate suffering through a single donation. It’s important that we take time to come together to serve our community by doing something practical and hands-on. We encourage other business leaders in the region to help as well.”

“Therese Tucker is passionate about and committed to helping solve the immediate – and long-term – needs facing our homeless neighbors,” said Ann Sewill, Vice President of Health and Housing at the California Community Foundation, another organization that partnered with Tucker and BlackLine to support the clothing donation. “Through this initiative, she has created an opportunity for BlackLine employees and partners to have a tangible way to give back to the community in a meaningful way.”

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