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“Everyone In” Campaign – Helping to Provide Housing to End Homelessness

After years of resistance from community members and fighting the misconceptions about the homeless, there was recognition that combating homelessness needed participation from the greater Los Angeles community—concerned citizens, nonprofit organizations, businesses, labor leaders, community leaders. What we need to defeat homelessness is for everyone to be involved. The first step was passing Measure H and Prop. HHH, which will each raise millions to combat homelessness. 

During the campaigns to pass H and HHH, Shelter Partnership was among groups concerned about the actual development of interim and permanent supportive housing. This is the only way to see a major reduction in Los Angeles homelessness. 

Earlier this year, our friends at the United Way of Greater Los Angeles launched the “Everyone In” campaign. The campaign has a simple goal: make sure that the 1.5 million voters who passed Measure H and Prop. HHH see that money raised to fight homelessness is spent to provide services and create supportive housing throughout the Southland for the 53,000 homeless people in our region. 

The Everyone In campaign aims to get people in the greater Los Angeles community involved in supporting interim and permanent supportive housing building developments. The campaign has been a great success in raising awareness about the effectiveness of homeless outreach and de-stigmatizing the idea of living in neighborhoods with supportive housing. Please visit the Everyone In website ( for information on the campaign and to track the progress we’re making in the fight against homelessness. 

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